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Highly interactive 1:1 & small group classes by selective teachers who make learning funlaughing

For Learners aged 3-18 years.

About Us

We are a global e-learning platform providing learning access via live highly interactive online classes across a wide variety of co-curricular and skill building topics. We engage qualified teachers selectively who make learning fun via highly interactive classes in small batch sizes. Our teachers go beyond sharing knowledge with students and help them actively develop higher-order skills that they can apply in a real-world context.


Our vision is to build a global education community that supplements traditional schooling and contribute towards making India the world’s knowledge capital.

 Happiness Guaranteed !

Learn From Home

Online Learning Options

Learn distraction-free in the comfort of your home. Get special attention in small classes – the care your child deserves. Small group live online classes broaden access and benefit learners and teachers alike. 


Why Learn Online on Classbuk?

1:1 & Small Group Classes

We offer both 1:1 as well as small group live online classes instead of providing pre-recorded classes. Live interactive classes by real teachers allow highest level of personalization and customisation, something which no Artificial Intelligence can achieve.

Robust Teacher Selection Process

 We are very selective about our teachers. Classbuk educators are experienced and passionate about making learning fun.

Unique Class Topics

We allow creative topics not found elsewhere. Please refer to Classes in  Focus or Request a topic.

Parent Friendly Refund Policy

No questions asked Refund Policy 

Detailed teacher profiles

Detailed teacher profile available on the site for parents to review before enrolling with us, saving hours in unnecessary demo classes

Upcoming tools in one place

Calendar Management, Integrated Video Calls, Parent Dashboard, File Sharing, Payment Gateway and much more.

Looking for a specific class topic for your child ?


Are you passionate about teaching and your classes are fun ?

Welcome to join our inspiring community of  Classbuk teachers !


Why Teach on Classbuk?

Earn more

No upfront cost for you. We keep a minimal percent of the class sale , one of the lowest in the industry. More students equals more earning for you as we work on revenue sharing basis.

Marketing support

We do the marketing and branding of your classes globally both online and offline. 

You design your curriculum

We give teachers the creative freedom to create classes outside traditional school curriculum. Refer to  Topics in Focus

No formal teaching credentials required.

We believe that many adults can offer rewarding classes based on their experience and interests.Teachers need to meet our  standards to become and to remain a teacher on Classbuk.

Full Autonomy

Full autonomy to decide teaching hours, price, class size and class timing. You are in the front seat with

All teaching support

We manage the class schedules, manage payments for you so that you focus on doing what you do best, teach!. Need help in something specific ? Please feel free to give your suggestions here

National & International Learners

Experience teaching learners from vast backgrounds and various parts of the world.

Guidance for teaching online

Please feel free to Contact Us



Key Requirements for Teaching with Us


Be at least 18 years of age


Citizen/ Resident of India


Meet our high community standards, including professional communication with parents & learners


Agree to Terms & Policies

Looking for something particular ?



What does Classbuk offer ?

We empower teachers to making wide variety of learning and education accessible to learners in India & overseas and help learners learn and build proficiency and rise to their fullest potential.  This includes:

  • Online listing for classes
  • Training and guidance for online teaching
  • Marketing support for promoting educators classes in India and overseas
  • We arrange and manage the class schedules on your behalf so that you focus on doing what you do best, teach!
  • Secure online payments in advance from parents so no hassles of tracking fees from parents.
  • Support via email and phone

We will do our best to simplify the logistics, so you can focus on crafting the class experience. We are building tech tools ( calendar management, integrated video calling etc) to help you suceeed and are eager to hear your feedback on support and tools that you need.

What topics are offered ?

We are focussing on skill building for learners. Please refer to Topics in Focus for teaching.We encourage educators to  teach classes on topics they are passionate about and experienced with, and ideally that you have taught before, subject to class content policy.  We welcome classes on all subjects and in all formats, for learners between age 3 & 18 years. We suggest offering a range of classes in three formats: one time, fixed duration and ongoing classes in standard pricing for making choices for parents easier. As parents, please feel free to request for a class.

Who can teach?

We believe that many adults can offer rewarding classes based on their experience and interests. Classbuk does not require formal teaching credentials.  We do require background checks before first class starts. Teachers should be residents / citizens of India and more than 18 years of age.